Episode 234:  New Trends in MSR

David Burruss is MSR Sales Director at Mortgage Capital Trading (MCT).  Highlights include:  current MSR trends; assumptions matter to regulators; three guardrails; rise of smaller transactions and the Wall Street

Episode 233:  How to Sell More Cars

Terry Lancaster is author of How to Sell More Cars.  One of Terry’s key points is that social media is not an advertising platform but it is actually a communication and

Episode 232:  Personalization and Marketing Success

John Seroka, President, Seroka Brand Development.  Highlights include:  trust factor is key; segment emails by needs and pain points; consistent uncanned approach; use of data to segment and do more

Episode 231: Making Sales Investments

Stephanie McGuire, SVP of Lending at AmeriCU. Highlights include: right staff is key; test and verify; investment in your people makes the biggest difference; having partners who align is critical and

Episode 230:  Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Andrew Clarkson CMB, VP National Mortgage Production at UnitedFedCU, talks about Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone.  Highlights include:  WINS-what is important now; key is time blocking; “Hunters” market; get

Episode 229:  Helping Realtors Do More Business

Marty Garrity, President of Coast One Mortgage LLC, talks about Helping Realtors Do More Business.  Highlights include:  vision and activities matter; don’t ignore top producers; importance of performance management and

Episode 228:  Developing a Successful Sales Process

Adam Neft, Sales Manager at Go Mortgage discusses Developing a Successful Sales Process.  Highlights include:  keeping team motivated; reputation matters today; repeatable process is key; sales sequence is organized and

Episode 227:  Getting LOs to go Digital

David Ocasio Ross, AVP Mortgage Sales at AmeriCU talks about Getting LOs to go Digital.  Highlights include:  start small; why resist: why not try; videos work when I don’t and

Episode 226:  Developing the Next Generation of Leadership Skills

Brian Morley, SVP and Director of Sales and Marketing at Fulton Mortgage discusses Developing the Next Generation of Leadership Skills.  Highlights include:  servant leadership; creating value today; opportunistic market; “herding