Episode 256:  Fixing a Broken Sales Model

Tom Finnegan, Principal at STRATMOR Group.  Highlights include:  volume and profitability not a relationship; cost per loan now; free agent sales culture; production economics and deeper analysis of sales force. 

Episode 255:  NAR’s Settlement and Its Implication

S.A. Ibrahim, retired CEO at Radian.  Highlights include:  winners will be proactive; intermediaries will enter; biggest impact will be AI not NAR settlement and AI in mortgage industry will happen

Episode 254:  How Local MBA Groups Can Help Lenders

Mark Deitz, Manager Director of Mortgage at SECU Credit Union.  Highlights include:  networking community; relevant education; involvement in industry and monthly newsletter.  Mark has been in the industry over 20

Episode 253:  NAR’s Settlement and Its Implications

Kevin Peranio, Chief Lending Officer.  Highlights include:  no dual representation; industries are specialized; impact of buyer’s cycle time; mine your own database and master one thing.  Kevin has been in

Episode 252: What Key Sales Activities are Critical Today?

Jon Overfelt, Director of Sales/Owner, American Security Mortgage Corp.  Highlights include:  social media as an connection tool; face to face matters; auto-campaign is not selling; doing what others won’t and take action

Episode 251: Being Memorable in Your Sales Interactions

Dan Ervin, FVP, Mortgage Sales Director at First Merchants Bank. Highlight include:  market share growth; WIIFT; living in the “Now” and assume nothing.  Dan has been in the mortgage industry

Episode 250:  How to Get the Most out of Your LOs

Greg Sayegh, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder.  Highlights include:  role of Branch Manager and Regional Manager has changed; 40% industry turnover; churning of low producers and 88% of LOs are

Episode 249:  Good Sales Leadership is a Sales Multiplier

Mark Deitz, Managing Director, Mortgage at SECU.  Highlights include:  retraining to purchase money market; market shrinkage is an opportunity; sales leadership mindset; peer networking matters and investing in the right people.

Episode 248: Embracing CRA to Increase Production

Greg Schatz, Director of National Sales, Allied Mortgage Group.  Highlights include:  target sales strategies for different generation; Gen Z is the first digital generation; leadership matters in CRA; state auditors